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Projects carried out by the people behind GreenLead -a sample

Let it be said at once. We all stand on the shoulders of the people who paved the way before us, and for all big projects there are always many who promise in a group and who must be recognized for their efforts. Below are projects we have been involved in, and where together with several talented people, we have made the impossible possible. Thanks to all of you!

01 - Expansion of the Buksefjorden hydropower plant +55MW/435 GWh

20200619_133750 (2).jpg

35 km of lake with a covered lakeshore at a height of 8 metres

The reservoir lake will run out of water in 2025

Our contribution: 

Business case for the expansion, calculation of climate contribution, socio-economic calculations, financing calculations, political presentation, reports on ownership structure, marketing of the energy to consumers, presentations for ministers and politicians, articles for the press, and much more. 

Size:Expected 1.7 billion DKK, plus 1.3 billion DKK for its sister project in Disko Bay.

The project:

The capital of Greenland, Nuuk, gets its electricity from the Buksefjord's hydroelectric power plant. Since 2010, there has been too little water, and the plant must have an increased supply of water from the ISTA lake. It requires a 16 km tunnel and at the same time enables the plant to be upgraded with 55 MW from 45 MW to 100 MW. The capital's heat consumption is partly generated from oil. After the project, Nuuk will be fossil-free throughout the energy and heating sectors, with room for energy-heavy industry.

02 - Solar cells and batteries for city supply


Reflection from the fjord gives increased effect

The project:

Greenland's small settlements have an energy requirement that is often not much greater than 100 kW. On the other hand, there are 53 of them, and they are far apart, so no connection possibilities. So stand-alone solar cell systems with batteries have proven to be a solution that can reduce the use of diesel on the power plant's diesel-generator sets. So far, there have been 10 settlements with this type of installation. It turns out that with a battery for the balancing, the lifetime of the diesel generators is extended by up to 100%. It has proven to be a good investment.

Our contribution: 

Idea facilitator, quality assurance, funding, sparring on technical solutions, reporting to authorities, dialogue around citizen meetings, 


The pictures are from Igaliku, which is a preliminary project for the subsequent 10 solutions. We have not contributed to the project in Igaliku.


Approx. 15 million DKK in investment sum, with plenty of opportunities to expand continuously. 

03 - National single price in Greenland for electricity and water

sektorplan smal.png

The project:

Based on a political ambition for equal prices in Greenland for electricity and water, as well as an ambition for lower prices, 6 different price models were developed for political decision-making. The adopted model lowered national prices by an average of 28% and channeled 1% of Greenland's GDP to the population in the form of a price reduction. The model was financed via optimization, cost reductions, loan restructuring and public subsidies which are being phased out. The pricing model came into force in 2018 and is still in use.

Our contribution: 

Management of the team of economists who carried out the calculations at national level, customer calculations for large customers, municipalities and the state, as well as the state's companies. Taking care of the dialogue with the ministries, which was in charge of legislation and the political decision-making process.

Implementation of the solution in the utility company Nukissiorfiit, and subsequent press and customer handling.


153 million DKK reduction of tariffs for the benefit of the population. Implementation of political ambition at the agreed time.


The project:

One of the world's first national remote meter networks, by 2019 was all bugged up, and the number of unread meters exceeded 10%. The lost work time, the number of customer errors and the frustrations with the system had reached its limit. Project 1% was formed, and over a period of 24 months, the number of unread meters was brought from 10% to 1%. A department was built for meter handling and the preparation for the next system upgrade to DKK 200 million. DKK was implemented.


04 - Process optimization in data capture from remote consumption meters

Our contribution: 

Top level management of the team of technicians, operators, economists, IT people and project managers. Establishment of project scope, steering group, working group and supplier involvement. Ensuring continuous organizational focus among 50 employees.

Coming soon


Reduction of unread from 10% of 60,000 meters to just 1%. 

Reduction of monthly man hours corresponding to 4 full-time positions.

Error clarifications which increased revenue and profit by DKK 2 million. DKK yearly.



05 - Setting up corporate governance - Systematic decision-making

Coming soon

The project:

Annual budgeting of construction budget pools which were massively of target. Payment default imminent, employees were stressed, priorities were opaque and haphazard, some regions were starved while others had too many resources. 

The problems with the lack of management were many and had to be cleaned up.

A new governance structure was created, which allocated the responsibility to the employees closer to the plants, and a precise framework was set, with a continuous full overview. Any overruns or underruns were carried over to the next year, making incentives to hit one's budget strong.

Our contribution: 

Idea maker on the new model, and responsible for implementation. Responsible for ensuring the ongoing operation and evaluation of the model.


Total control of cash flow year by year, better prioritization, adherence to budget, transparent prioritization, empowerment of local managers.

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