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In GreenLead, we have decades of experience with the green energy transformation, huge energy systems, and the political work to get projects from idea to reality. In particular, we have worked with hydropower plants in the Arctic from 0.25 MW to 50 MW to 1500 MW plants. We have experience from the wind turbine industry with small niche turbines all the way down to household needs, up to large offshore wind turbines in the 8-9 MW class. We have worked with solar cell systems for the supply of small deserted communities, to slightly larger systems in regular cities. We have worked with battery solutions for grid balancing, for storing energy for the night, and for optimizing the ICE GEN set, so that the lifespan is extended and the environment and wallet are saved from burning diesel.

For a long time, we have worked with project development for Power to X, E-Fuels, and sector coupling with industrial hubs, where energy producers and a number of energy-intensive consumers are thought together in relation to their respective needs and by-products.


We have worked with urban systems for the electrification of ordinary passenger cars, and more recently, the next generation of electrification of transport, where heavy transport such as trucks, buses and construction machinery also joins the green transition.

Work with these kinds of subjects often becomes political. Our journey has led us into many dialogues with ministers, heads of departments and heads of departments, mayors, municipal directors, professional consultants, you name it-,   in the public system. The key to success is cooperation, patience, eyes that can see solutions to every barrier.

If you have a project with energy and sustainability, we are happy to help project development and economic and technical analysis. We are passionate about the green transition! It gives purpose and meaning to work so that our society, cities and companies become zero-emission, and our nature is looked after in a way that we can proudly pass it on to our children. 

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