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FORSIDE: Welcome

We provide consultancy within:

 - The technology around green transition

 - Economic-technical project development

 - Match projects with investors

GreenLead – guiding the green energy transition​

GreenLead is a company that specializes in making green visions a reality, partly in cooperation with investors and also in cooperation with the industry in the transition to green energy.

GreenLead advises on renewable energy systems - We have a large portfolio of projects and a broad network of investors - we often work in the empty space between financing and the project. We specialize in designing green projects and describing the project to investors as well as finding the right projects for the right investor. This means making the green transition a reality.

Does your company have a vision for a green transition and do you need help to convert the vision into an action plan? Or do you lack experts who can guide you to the best green investments on the market?

Then GreenLead is able to help you. Over the past 10 years, we have worked with exactly that field, from wind turbines, arctic hydropower, energy storage, waste-to-energy, solar cells, and energy optimization of plants. Our projects range from smaller projects of around 1 million. DKK up to projects up to 3 billion. DKK. 

Let us help you and your business. 

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