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Electrification of gas and oil, via magnesium stone in a heating battery solutions

If your company needs to change from gas and oil to an electric solution, we have the possibility to help you. We offer turnkey solutions, with changes to process plants and heating centrals which are connected to a heating battery where the heart consists of magnesium stone. Heat is stored in the batteries when electricity on the grid is cheap - or a low fixed price agreement is entered into at off-peak times such as 01 - 05 at night, and the energy is subsequently delivered back for the rest of the day. The battery has a working temperature of up to 700 degrees Celsius, and the capacity is from  0.5 MWh to 300 MWh, with a heating effect from 0.2 MW to 100 MW. The plant can be dimensioned to take over all heat supply, or function as a supplement to other solutions. The plant is ideal for both process heat up to 700 degrees, as well as central heating systems in companies or district heating networks for utility companies.

The efficiency with standard insulation is 95% return of energy, with a daily loss of about 1%. With greater insulation, the loss can be further reduced.

The profitability of the plants is quite good, and most often a customer will experience a cheaper energy solution than gas or oil-based energy. Before each project, a profitability analysis is carried out, so that you know the economic conditions, as well as the prices of gas, oil and electricity, which are the basis for positive profitability of the plant.

GreenLead can also help with leasing arrangements for the facilities, as well as a service and maintenance agreement with guaranteed uptime. 

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