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Hydropower investment in Greenland


For the past 5 years, the team behind GreenLead have worked to realize hydropower investments in Greenland. In that period, this has resulted in the political approval and funding of 4 hydropower plants in the Greenlandic parliament from 0.2 MW to 55 MW in effect size - an infrastructure package of approx. 3.1 billion DKK.

In Greenland, 66 different hydropower potentials have been cataloged on the Greenlandic west coast, with hydrological data from the 70s. We have a great deal of knowledge of these potentials, as well as the many conditions that one should become familiar with in relation to geography and geology, glacial influence, submarine cables and transmission, population proximity, sales opportunities, local competences for operation and side industries, and much more.

In addition, we at GreenLead have extensive knowledge of the political process that precedes exploration permits and exploitation permits, as well as how the dialogue around Impact Benefit Analysis (IBA) is approached, so that both Greenland and the Investor achieve the greatest possible success.


Furthermore, we have established businesses and been citizens in Greenland for several years from 2012 - 2021, whereby we gained a great deal of knowledge of the business environment, the culture, local contacts, logistics, ice situations, the Greenland terrain and much more which is absolutely essential for running a business in Greenland. 

We can help your company find the right hydropower project, facilitate or design an offtake industry of the energy, and ensure the financial viability and sustainability of your project.

Greenland is in many ways what Klondike was in 1896 before the Gold rush - full of fantastic economic opportunities. Greenland has simply not yet been discovered on the big world stage.

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