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Kenneth is a professionally skilled technician, and if something needs repair, Kenneth is that man that gets you going again. Kenneth is a trained machinist engineer and also has a background as an electrical service engineer. Kenneth has further developed his skills with an MBA and has had an exciting career within waste-to-energy. Kenneth has been technical director for Greenland's national utility company, and therefore knows a lot about energy solutions in the Arctic. Kenneth has also been regional director in the construction company Norisol.

For many years, Kenneth has run a number of companies within automation, waste management and IT systems, as well as property letting.

Kenneth's background in the technical professional management is an important piece for GreenLead, where he advises both when management issues involve professionals, technicians and factory management, as well as when the tasks involve technical business development. Kenneth has, together with Claus Andersen-Aagaard, been deeply involved in the creation of hydropower plants and energy systems, including solar cells for city supply with battery systems.

Sustainability is a key word for Kenneth, who is passionate about the green transition.

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