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GreenLead provides for the utility sector consultancy services regarding business analysis, with pricing, connection terms, backup obligations, standby costs, peak load alleviation, segmentation of consumer types, introduction of new technology in utility and much more. 

We have worked to create a national framework for energy supply and energy planning for the whole of Greenland. An absolutely huge country the size of half of Europe and with relatively many facilities compared to the size of the population. We had responsibility for 91 power plants, 23 heating plants and 69 water plants, as well as 70 standalone electricity distribution networks and 23 district heating distribution networks for which we were responsible, respectively, as CEO, CFO and COO of the entire Greenland electricity, water and heat supply. We were responsible for +400 employees who handled the task under our management.

We have designed national price systems, national standard terms of supply for electricity, water and heat, connection conditions, specified requirements in relation to backup, and much more. We have drawn up the national plan to convert Greenland's remaining diesel power to renewable energy, where we have been the idea creators and driving force behind the adoption of legislation and financing package of DKK 3.1 billion. DKK for the construction of two new large hydropower plants. We have introduced new technology into the supply network with hybrid plants and energy storage. We have worked closely with ministries and ministers in many such processes with executive orders, legislative packages, sales promotion and crisis management. We know quite a bit about the work when you need to have national perspective. Qualities that we hope can help other companies within the national utility sector. 

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